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For a limited time, you can purchase our past monthly template packages without a membership. Grab one or grab 'em all and put them to good use.

Get our GrooveFunnels PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Guide to Building Sales Funnels with Groove Funnels
- Funnel Checklist

- Funnel Marketing Tips

-Planning Your Funnel Worksheet

- Creating Your First Funnel Quick Reference Guide

Clickfunnels PLR

Get our ClickFunnels PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Using ClickFunnels to Create Professional Sales Funnels
- Guide to Setting Up ClickFunnels Membership Funnel

- Your ClickFunnels Creation Checklist

-Guide to Creating Opt-in Page and Follow Up Email

Creating a Membership Community on Mighty Networks

Get our Mighty Networks PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Creating a Membership Community on Mighty Networks
- Planning Your Mighty Networks Membership Site Worksheet

- Quick Action Guide for Setting Up Your Membership

-Marketing Your Membership Checklist

Online Challenges PLR Templates

Get our Online Challenges PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Online Challenges Templates
- 15 Ways to Promote Your Online Challenges

- Quick Action Guide for Your First Online Challenge

-Tools and Resources for Creating Online Challenges

-Challenges Outline Worksheet

-Challenges Cheat Sheet

-Planning Your First Challenge Worksheet

Using Shopify PLR Templates

Get our Shopify PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Using Shopify Templates
- Planning Your First Product Worksheet
- Planning Your Shopify Store Worksheet

-Preparing for Launch Checklist
- Setting Up & Managing Subscriptions Checklist
- Setting Up Your Store Reference Guide

Non-Fungible Tokens PLR

Get our Non-Fungible Tokens PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Non-Fungible Tokens Templates
- Adding Your Work to OpenSea Worksheet
- Marketing Your Non-Fungible Tokens

- Planning Your Non-Fungible Tokens
- 8 Popular Marketplaces to Buy & Sell NFTs
- Setting Up Your NFT

Get our Sponsorship Proposal PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Sponsorship Proposal Templates
- Potential Sponsor Research Worksheet
- Sponsorship Cold Email Template

- Sponsorship Implementation
- Sponsorship Packages
- Sponsorship Proposal Templates

- Success Measuring Worksheet
- Sponsorship Terms
- What Do You Have to Offer a Sponsor

Personal Branding PLR Templates

Get our Personal Branding Online PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Personal Branding Templates
- Creating Your Vision, Purpose, & Values Questionnaire
- How to Meet Your Tribe Worksheet

- Ideal Customer Profile Worksheet
- Online Tools for Personal Branding
- Steps to Creating Personal Branding Online

Get our Bing Ads PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Bing Ads Templates
- 41 Bing Ads Best Practices
- Advertising Targeting Worksheet

- Bing Ad Creation Template
- Bing Ads Setup Checklist
- How to Measure Your Results Worksheet
- Targeting Your YouTube Ads Worksheet

youtube ads plr templates

Get our YouTube Ads PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: YouTube Ads Templates
- 3 Sample Video Scripts Templates
- 8 Steps to Creating a Video Ad Campaign Templates - 9 Best Practices for Creating Cheap YouTube Ads That Convert
- 40 YouTube Advertising Tips
- Measuring Your YouTube Advertising Results - Worksheet
- Targeting Your YouTube Ads - Worksheet

TikTok PLR

Get our TikTok Marketing PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: TikTok Marketing Templates
-18 TikTok Best Practices Worksheet
- 25 Ways to Incorporate TikTok into Your Marketing Strategy
- TikTok Content Topic Brainstorming Worksheet
- TikTok Ad Creation Checklist
- TikTok Ad Targeting Worksheet

-18 TikTok Organic Post Best Practices

Snapchat PLR

Get our Snapchat PLR Template Pack which includes:
- The Insider’s Guide: Snapchat Marketing Templates
- 25 Ways to Incorporate Snapchat into Your Marketing Strategy Checklist
- Snapchat Ad Creation Checklist
- Snapchat Ads Best Practices
- Snapchat Advertising Targeting Worksheet
- Snapchat Content Topic Brainstorming Worksheet

-Snapchat Marketing Checklist

-Snapchat Organic Snaps Best Practices

Podcasting PLR

Get our Podcast Template Pack which includes:

 - The Insiders Guide: Podcast Templates
 - 4 X Email Promotion Templates
 - 5 x Guest Invitation Email Templates
 - Social Media Graphics
 - 20 Steps to Creating Your First Podcast
 - 35 Ways to Utilize Podcasts
 -  Choosing Your Topic Voice and Message
 - Guest Bio Template, Booking Worksheet, Tracking Spreadsheet, and Planning Calendar
 - Podcast Best Practices & Equipment Checklist
 - Podcast Topic Brainstorming & Engagement

Etsy PLR

Get our Etsy Templates Pack. We've included 71 templates in this package in a variety of layouts to help you get started. All templates are done in PowerPoint for easy editing. Included are: 10 x Large Banners 12.5" x 3.2 inches, 10 x Small Banner 12.5" x 1.7 inches, 11 x Squares 10 x 10 inches, 11 x Thumbnails 31.25" x 25 inches, 14 x Miscellaneous Templates 8.5 x 11 inches (portrait), 15 x Physical Product Templates - 13.333 x 7.5 inches (landscape), In addition, we've included some of the placeholder images we used for the templates so you can create new layouts with those before moving on to using your real images.

Get our Clubhouse Templates Pack. We've included:

- The Insiders Guide: Clubhouse Templates
 - 3 X Email Promotion Templates
 - 5 x Guest Invitation Email Templates
 - 15 Clubhouse Best Practices
 - 20 Ways to Incorporate Clubhouse
 -  Choosing Your Topic Voice
 - Clubhouse Planning Calendar
 - Room Tracking & Guest Tracking Spreadsheets
 - Guest Bio Template

 - Handy Clubhouse Tools
 - How to Market
 - How to Optimize Your Bio

- How to Start a Room and Moderate like a Pro
 - Invite a Guest Worksheet
 - Topic Brainstorming Worksheet & Engagement Checklist

Get our Facebook Events Insiders Guide along with the Facebook Event Planner, How to Set Up Your Facebook Event Checklist, How to Promote Your Event Checklist, What to Do Before Tickets Go on Sale Checklist, What to Do When Tickets Go on Sale Checklist, Engaging Those Who Have Showed Interest or are Going to Your Event Checklists and an Understanding Your Event Insights Checklist!

Get our Sell More Affiliate Products Strategy Guide along with a Sell More Affiliate Products Planner. Checklists including How to Find Good Affiliate Products to Promote, How to Be a Super Affiliate and Boost Your Earnings, How to Boost Your Reputation as an Affiliate. You also get templates including Product Review, Product Comparison, How to Article, How to Report, Product Creator Interview Template and a Promotional Email Series X7!

Get our Leverage Other People's Audiences Insider's Guide along with the 6 Detailed Checklists including Attracting Affiliates Checklist, Bonus Offer Checklist, Creating Guest Content Checklist, Featured Guest Tactic Checklist, Get Interviewed More Checklist, Webinar Host and Presenter Checklist with Letter/Email Templates to go with the checklists and a Leverage Other People's Audience Checklists so you can start leveraging the audience of others and grow your business!

Get our Grow Your Community with Facebook Groups Insider's Guide along with the Facebook Group Community Building Planner, Setting Up Your Facebook Group Checklist, Leveraging Sections for Your Facebook Group, Posting to Your Group for the Most Engagement, Growing Your Facebook Group Membership, Understanding and Improving Your Group Analytics, Creating and Leveraging the Power of Facebook Groups and How to Host a Watch Party for Maximum Results!

Get our Pinterest Domination Insider's Guide along with the Pinterest Domination Planner along with tons of checklists including the Setting Up a Pinterest Profile Checklist, Tips for Posting to Pinterest for More Views and Engagement, Organizing Your Pinterest Boards for the Best Results, Growing Your Pinterest Audience, Leveraging the Power of Hashtags, Understanding Your Pinterest Analytics, and the Ins and Outs of Pinterest Ads.

Get our Content Research and Brainstorming Insider's Guide along with tons of worksheets including the online research best practices, statistics and quotation resources, 30 ways to come up with new content ideas, 30 types of content you can publish, 30 ways to get other people to create content for you, how to article brainstorming template + workseet, ebook brainstorming template + worksheet, product review brainstorming template + worksheet, product comparison template + worksheet, case study template + worksheet and the myth buster template + worksheet! 

Get our Business Plan Insider's Guide along with tons of worksheets including the executive summary worksheet, business overview, operations plan, market analysis, products and services, sales and marketing, competitive analysis, management team, financial plan, and projected income worksheet! 

Get our Affiliate Management Insider's Guide along with a Email templates, Best Practices, Promo Tool Ideas, 25 Product Promo Ideas, Comparison Chart, Checklists, Structuring your Affiliate Program Worksheet, Product Review Templates, Welcome Email Templates and more! 

Get our Affiliate Marketing Insider's Guide along with a 25 ways to incorporate affiliate marketing into your business checklist, Best Practices, Choosing the Best Affiliate Program Checklist, Tracking Spreadsheet, Product Review Worksheet and Template, Brainstorming and How to Article Worksheets, 2 product graphics in jpg, psd and PowerPoint so you can easily edit and add your own product and more!

Get our Content Repurposing Insider's Guide along with a 25 ways to repurpose your content checklist, snippet promo graphics (two different sizes) and templates to create worksheets, checklists, reports and slideshows.

Get our Business Budgeting Insider's Guide along with a Business Expense Tracker, Finance and Product Launch Checklists, Purchase Wish List and Budgeting Planners.

Get our Content Management Insider's Guide along with a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Planner, Master Content List, Master Affiliate Promotions List, Master Products List and 50 Things to Blog or Post About.

Get our LinkedIn Domination Insider's Guide along with a Daily Planner, Worksheets for Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile, Posting to LinkedIn and Engaging Your Audience, Growing Your LinkedIn Connections, Creating LinkedIn Articles, Using LinkedIn Groups, Understanding Your LinkedIn Analytics, Creating a LinkedIn Ad.

Get our Twitter Domination Insider's Guide along with a Daily Planner, Worksheets for Setting Up a Twitter Profile, Tweets that Engage Your Audience, Grow Your Twitter Audience, Maximize Hashtag Power, Use and Maximize Twitter Analytics, Ins and Outs of Twitter Ads, and Maximize Live Video for Audience Growth and Engagement.

Get our Instagram Domination Insider's Guide along with a Daily Planner, Worksheets for Setting Up an Instagram Business Profile, Posting to Instagram to Increase Audience Engagement, Growing Your Instagram Audience, Leveraging the Power of Hashtags, Understanding Your Instagram Insights, Leveraging Instagram Stories, Using Live Video for Audience Growth and Ins and Outs of Instagram Ads.

Get our Facebook Domination Insider's Guide along with a Daily Planner, Checklists for Setting Up a Facebook Page, Posting to Your Facebook Page, Growing Your Facebook Page, Understand Your Facebook Page Insights, Setting Up a Facebook Group, Growing Your Facebook Group, Posting to Your Facebook Group, Leveraging Facebook Stories for Audience Engagement, Using Live Video, Creating Effective Page Follow Ads and Creating Effective Lead Ads.

Get our 365 Days of Inspiration Templates Insider's Guide along with 10 Graphic Templates for Your Inspirational Text (.PPTX and .JPG), 122 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes, 122 Motivational and Inspirational Tips and 122 Motivational and Inspirational Questions to ask Your Audience.

Get our Creating Free Ebook Templates Insider's Guide along with 5 Professionally Designed Ebook Templates (.DOCX), 5 Ebook Cover Graphics (.PSD, .JPG, and .DOCX), Grow Your List with a Free Ebook - Checklist, Sell Products & Services with a Free Ebook - Checklist, 25 Ways to Repurpose Your Free Ebook, Planning Your Ebook and Ebook Promotion Planner.

Get our Marketing Campaign Project Management Insider's Guide along with 5 Professionally Designed Ad Templates (.JPG, .PSD, .PPT), Marketing Campaign Overview Worksheet, Marketing Campaign Budget, Marketing Campaign Tracking Sheet, 5 Text Ad Templates, Content Creation Project Specs and Graphics Creation Project Specs.

Get our Infographic Insider's Guide along with 10 Infographic Templates, Brainstorming Worksheet and Infographic Topic Ideas Worksheet.

Get our Newsletter Insider's Guide along with 3 Word/PDF Newsletter Templates, 3 HTML Newsletter Templates and 2 HTML Newsletter Templates (Plain text) all professionally designed.

Get our Instagram Ads Insider's Guide along with an Instagram Advertising Checklist, Ad Targeting Worksheet, 9 Instagram Ad Graphic Templates and 20 Instagram Ad Text Templates.

Get our Worksheets, Checklists and To Do Lists Insider's Guide along with 10 different styles of Checklists, 10 different styles of Worksheets and 10 different styles of To Do Lists that you can use in your own business or with your clients to increase productivity.

Get our Creating Free Offers Insider’s Guide with Free Opt-in Offer Templates, Free Opt-in Offer Funnel Diagram Templates and Example, Free Consultation Templates, Free Consultation Offer Funnel Diagram Template & Example, Free Webinar Offer Templates,  Free Webinar Offer Funnel Diagram Template & Example,  Free Offer with Paid Shipping Templates, Free Offer with Paid Shipping Template & Example.

Get our Promotions Planning Insider’s Guide with Year at Glance Marketing Calendar, Monthly Promo and Marketing Calendar, Daily Promo and Marketing Planner, Goal Setting Worksheet, Goal-Focused To-Do List, Product Creation Checklist and Planner, Product Planning Worksheet, Product Promotion checklist and Planner, Product Promotion Worksheet, Content Creation Checklist and Planner and Content Creation Worksheet.

Get our List Building Insider’s Guide with Defining Your Ideal Audience Checklist & Planner, Creating an Effective Lead Magnet Checklist & Planner, Creating a High-Converting Opt-in Page Checklist & Planner, Turning Subscribers into Customers Right Away Checklist & Planner, Creating Effective Follow Up Email Series Checklist & Planner, Using Your Blog Checklist & Planner, Using Facebook Checklist & Planner, Using LinkedIn Checklist & Planner, Using Instagram Checklist & Planner, Using YouTube Checklist & Planner, Using Live Video Checklist & Planner and SEO to Grow Your List Checklist & Planner.

Get our LinkedIn Templates Insider’s Guide with 3 LinkedIn Profile Summaries, 5 LinkedIn Request Templates, 5 Direct Message Templates, 5 LinkedIn Article Templates, 50 Compelling Things to Post, LinkedIn Post Templates and LinkedIn Cover Templates.

Get our Facebook Page Templates Insider’s Guide with 5 Facebook Page Description Templates, 5 Facebook Post Templates, 50 Compelling Things to Post, Facebook Cover Templates, Facebook Profile Templates and Facebook Post Image Templates.

Get our Planner Templates Insider’s Guide with 10 Planner Templates, a Planner Creation Checklist, 100 Time Management and Organization Quotes to use in your planners, 10 Example Planner Cover Templates, 10 Editable Planner Cover Templates with Prompts, 10 Blank Planner Templates and 10 Sets of 3D Cover Templates in 4 different versions.

Get our Journal Templates Insider’s Guide with 10 Journal Templates, a Journal Creation Checklist, 100 Inspirational Success Quotes to use in your journals, 10 Example Journal Cover Templates, 10 Editable Cover Templates with Prompts, 10 Blank Journal Templates and 10 Sets of 3D Cover Templates in 4 different versions.

Get our Facebook Stories Insider’s Guide with 6 Facebook Story Templates in an Example JPG Version, Blank JPG Version and PSD Version and 24 Blank Facebook Story Templates in both JPG and PSD Versions.

Get our Instagram Templates Insider’s Guide with 20 Instagram Post Templates in an Example JPG Version, Blank JPG Version and PSD Version and 10 Instagram Story Templates in an Example JPG Version, Blank JPG Version and PSD Version.

Get our Facebook Bots Templates Insider’s Guide, Appointment Template, Coupon Support Template, Customized Suggestions Template, Customer Support Template, FAQ Template, Follow Up Template, Order Tracking Template, Product Purchase Template, Request for Information Template and Return/Refund Policy Template.

Get our Client Acquisition Templates Insider’s Guide, Client Benefit List, 30 Ways to Get Referrals from Your Clients, Cold Email & Cold Email Follow up Templates, Event Follow-Up Email, After Consultation Email, Request for Testimonials Email, Request for Referrals Email, Get More Work Email, Offer for Retainer Email, Introduction Email and Client Engagement Email.  

Get our Copywriting Template Insider’s Guide, Pre-Headlines for Landing Pages & More Swipe File, Headlines Swipe File, Power Words & Phrases Swipe File, Call to Action Swipe File, Closings and Sign-Offs Swipe File, Postscript/P.S. Swipe File, Transitions Swipe File, Benefit Bullets Swipe File, Motivating Phrases Swipe File and Price Justification Swipe File.

Get our Membership Site Insider’s Guide, Membership Site Planning Checklist, Members Area Content Planner, Annual Content Planner, Membership Site Sales Process Checklist, Membership Site Sales Page, Member Retention Checklist, Ongoing Membership Marketing Checklist, Membership Site Platform Comparison Chart, Membership Promo Email Series and Membership Site Card Graphics.

Get our Info Product Creation Insider's Guide, Product Brainstorming Checklist, Product Brainstorming Worksheet, Product Creation Planner, 3 Ebook Templates, 3 Brainstorming Worksheet Templates, 3 Checklist Templates, 3 Slideshow Templates, Graphics: Arrows and bullets, Add to Cart Buttons, 5 Guarantee Seals, 5 Download Icon Sets and Editable Product Graphics.

Get our Video Marketing Insider's Guide, Product Promotion Slide Show Templates, Product Review Slide Show Templates, Product Demonstration Slide Show Templates, How to Solve a Problem Slide Show Templates, 3 Testimonial Slide Show Templates, Interview Slide Show Templates, Just for Fun Slide Show Templates, Case Study Slide Show Templates, Special Offer Slide Show Templates, Event Invitation Slide Show Templates and 60 Royalty Free Images.

Get our Email Marketing Insider's Guide, 4 Ask Questions Email Templates, 3 Free Download Announcement Email Templates, 3 Free Event/Webinar Announcement Email Templates, 2 New Content Announcement Email Templates, 4 Product/Promotion Email Templates, 2 Rant email Templates, 2 Social Media Invitation Email Templates and 2 Survey Invitation Email Templates.

Get our Essential Website Traffic Insider's Guide, Blogging Checklist & Planner, Email Marketing Checklist & Planner, Facebook Ads Checklist & Tracking Spreadsheet, Facebook Checklist & Planner, Facebook Live Checklist & Planner, Google Adwords Checklist & Tracking Spreadsheet, LinkedIn Checklist & Planner, Pinterest Checklist & Planner, SEO Checklist & Tracking Spreadsheet, Twitter Checklist & Planner, Video Marketing Checklist & Planner and YouTube Live Checklist & Planner.

Get our Online Summit Insider's Guide, Planner Worksheet, Scheduling Spreadsheet, Speaker Invite and Follow Up Templates, 3 Speaker Acceptance Letter Templates, 3 Follow Up and Thank You Email Templates, Application Template, Schedule and Submission Form Templates, Speaker Release Form Template, Organization Checklist, Marketing Checklist, Running a Smooth Event Checklist and Sales Page Template.

Get our Outsourcing Insider's Guide, 4 Project Listing Templates, Evaluating Applications Checklist, Suggested Interview Questions, 4 Project Specificiation Templates, Quality Check Checklist, Constructive Feedback Template and Big List of Outsourcing Sites.

Get our Facebook Ads Insider's Guide, Facebook Advertising Checklist, Facebook Targeting Worksheet, 8 Facebook Ad Guides and Examples, 25 Facebook Ad Templates (JPG Version), 10 Facebook Ad Templates for you to customize (Editable PSD Version).

Get our Podcasting Insider's Guide, 60 business interview questions, request for an interview email template, follow-up request template, pre-interview information template, interview reminder template, invitation to join call and interview announcement templates, thank you template, guest checklist, interview promo page template and interview promo graphics templates.

Get our Branding Insider's Guide, 5 professionally designed template sets with 7 templates included in each set for your report/ebooks, how-to articles, tips lists, checklists, worksheets, slide shows and you get the raw templates as well.

Get our Customer Service Insider's Guide, customer service best practices, customer service retention checklist, customer service faq template, 13 customer service email templates, refund policy templates and getting customer feedback templates.

Get our Publicity Insider's Guide, 50 ideas for getting publicity, 50 reasons to send a press release, press release brainstorming sheet, press release distribution tracking spreadsheet, media kit instructions, sample and template, thank you letter sample and template, 6 press release templates and 3 handy press release checklists.

Get our Sales Page Funnel Insider's Guide, sales page template, thank you page template, upsell page template, call to action swipe file, closings swipe file, headlines swipe file, power words swipe file, transitions swipe file and a sales page graphics collection.

Get our Affiliate Recruitment Insider's Guide, affiliate recruitment checklist, affiliate directories list, recruitment email templates and examples, JV signup page template and example, JV tools page template and example, JV tracking spreadsheet and KPI stats worksheet.

Get our Kindle Publishing Insider's Guide, author bio page templates with sample, book information page template and sample, book outline worksheets, topic research and brainstorming worksheets, Kindle formatting guide and templates, Kindle publishing checklists and book cover images and templates.

Get our Webinar Selling Insider's Guide, webinar planning checklist, webinar signup page template and sample, webinar thank you page template and sample, webinar outline, webinar slide show template, affiliate recruitment email, 5-part promotional email series and 5-part follow up email series.

Get our Affiliate Marketing Insider's Guide, affiliate program checklists, comparison chart, product review and comparison templates, affiliate tracking spreadsheet, product seller and bonus offer templates, bonus offer video script and a 7-part proven email follow up series.

Get our Social Media Insider's Guide, content planner and 9 checklists for all the popular social media channels. You also get social media graphics and quotes to share with your audience. 

Get our Blog Planning and Content Insider's Guide and blog planning calendar, blog planning sheet, weekly planner, a variety of helpful checklists, content templates and more. 

Get our List Building Insider's Guide and copy templates for your opt-in page, opt-in video, thank you page, thank you email. You also get a conversion-boosting report template.

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