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Sell More Affiliate Products Checklists, Templates and Planner FI

Selling more affiliate products is a powerful way your reader can make more money. This template pack includes tons of checklists and templates they can use to help boost their commissions and establish a reputation as a knowledgeable person in their niche.

What's Included in the DFYTemplates: Sell More Affiliate Products Templates Pack

  • Sell More Affiliate Products Insider's Strategy Guide:

As usual, we provide you with a variety of templates, checklists and other tools to accelerate your marketing. This month's focus is on selling more products as an affiliate. Here's what's inside your account this month...

Insider's Strategy Guide: Sell More Affiliate Products

Boosting My Affiliate Sales Daily Planner

Use this Planner to brainstorm ideas and evaluate the previous months progress

boosting my affiliate sales planner image 1

How to Find Good Affiliate Products to Promote Checklist

The first step to being a successful affiliate is to find good products to promote. With so many different affiliate products out there, it can be tough knowing which ones to get started with. To boost your chances of success, below you’ll discover the steps to take to find good affiliate products.

1 how to find good affiliate products to promote checklist

How to Be a Super Affiliate and Boost Your Earnings Per Click Checklist

A super affiliate is an affiliate who earns more than most of their competitors. They typically have a great, consistent strategy they follow which continuously delivers excellent results. Use this checklist to help you become a super affiliate and boost your earnings per click.

2 how to be a super affiliate checklist

How to Boost Your Reputation as An Affiliate Checklist

Learn how to boost your reputation as an affiliate. Be an honest source of recommendations and knowledgeable in what you are recommending. Affiliate marketing relies a lot upon trust. So, if you have little to no reputation, you’re going to struggle to make sales. Use this checklist to help you discover the main steps to take to build up your reputation as an affiliate.

3 how to boost your reputation as an affiliate checklist

7 Email Promotional Series

Use these 7 promotional emails to keep you on track while promoting.

Promotional Email Image

Product Review Template

Use this product reviw template as a guideline to help you stay on track.

1 product review template

Product Comparison Template

Use this template to stay on track while explaining the problems a product may solve and explaining main differences in different products.

2 Product Comparison Template

How to Article Product Promotion Template

Use this template to help teach about a product while only having small mentions and promos for the product.

3 How to Article Template

How to Report with Product Promotions Template

Here is a report template to use to keep you on track while writing out a detailed report on your product you are promoting.

4 Report Template

Product Creator Interview Questions Template

Here is a list of questions to use when interviewing product creators. Use this template for a written interview, live video, watch party etc.

5 Product Creator Interview Questions

Time & Cost to Create On Your Own:

Sell More Affiliate Products Contents

Time to Create

Cost to Create

Insider's Strategy Guide (.docx)

4 Hours


Sell More Affiliate Products Daily Planner

5 Hours


Finding Good Affiliate Products Checklist

2 Hours


How to Be a Super Affiliate Checklist

2 Hours


How to Boost Your Reputation as An Affiliate Checklist

2 Hours


7 Part Email Promotional Series

4 Hours


Product Review Template

2 Hours


Product Comparison Template

2 Hours


How to Article Product Promotion Template

2 Hours


How to Report with Product Promotions Template

3 Hours


Product Creator Interview Questions Template

2 Hours



TOTAL COST: $2,925

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  • Sell More Affiliate Products Templates. 
  • Full rights to use the templates to help your clients market their businesses and for your own business too.
  • Full rights to edit, brand, and resell the templates as your own.

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How to Leverage DFYTemplates to Grow Your Business

There are limitless ways our template packages and strategies can help you grow and connect with your audience...and help you sell more products. Let's just look at a few of the strategies that can help you save time and work more cost-effectively to get BIG results for your business. 

Strategy #1: Grow Your Audience and Sell More Stuff

Imagine starting your work day with much of you work done for you. There's no need to wonder on what to focus on or how to do it...just fill in the blanks, follow the instructions and you're ready-to-go.

All our templates are backed by our decades long experience. We've tried it all and know what works and what doesn't, so there's no need to go through trial and error and wasting time on strategies that simply don't work. 

Strategy #2: Outsource More Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

As a busy entrepreneur, you know that it's not possible to do ALL the tasks for your business and do them effectively. It's easy enough to say you should outsource, but then you have to do the training. And when faced with that daunting task, it's often easier to just say, "I'll just do it myself." 

But that would be a mistake.

There are only so many hours in a day and you can only fully develop so many skills. Instead, take our templates and give them to your contractors or staff...and let them run with them. Problem solved! 

Strategy #3: Boost Your Rates and Get More Client Results (Developer Option)

Here's the perfect way to boost your value to your clients: Just get them more results.

That's easy to do when you have the proven templates that not only will help you get more results for your clients...but they'll make you more efficient and give you more time to add even more value to your client service. 

And as you continue to save time, bring more results and charge more for your services as a result, you can easily scale your business by hiring help to deliver client service. After all, you've got the results-getting templates they can work from and training your team is simple. 

Strategy #4: Create & Boost the Value of Your Products (Private Label / Resell Option)

If you happen to teach Internet marketing, we don't have to convince you just how priceless these templates are. But imagine the time and work that would go into creating such tools. Actually no, don't imagine it because you don't need to do it. We've already done it and if you're looking for private label resell rights to our templates, we've got them for you. 

That means you can sell them to your customers to use in their own business. You can pass them onto your paid coaching clients. Or you can use them to the boost the value of your existing products. We've done the work for you, but you can edit and brand the templates as you run with it.  

Our customers love our ready-to-use content. Here is just some of the feedback we've received...

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Note: DFYTemplates is a new project, based on the same strict quality standards our current customers are used to. The comments above are from customers who have purchased our previous products.

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