May Strategy Focus:
Affiliate Management Worksheets
Checklists and Templates

As usual, we provide you with a variety of templates, worksheets, checklists and other tools to accelerate your marketing. This month's focus is on how to best manage your Affiliate Marketing to grow your audience and increase sales. Here's what's inside your account this month...

Insider's Guide: Affiliate Management

insiders guide to affiliate management image

Is your business taking advantage of affiliate marketing? Offering an affiliate program enables you to make a surprising amount of money, even while you sleep. It’s risk free too, ensuring you only pay for results. The question is, how can you start your own affiliate program and why should you start one? Here, you’ll learn the benefits of affiliate programs for businesses and a few strategies you can follow to get started.

Here are the tools and templates included in this month's package:

Structuring the Best Affiliate Program for Your Business

Launching an affiliate program for your business is a lucrative step to boosting your passive income, and frankly, duplicating yourself so that you can reach more people and make more money. Use this Worksheet so you can be successful running an affiliate program and learn the essentials in how to best structure your affiliate program so that it works for you and your affiliates. (5 pages / 1,872 words)

Sructuring the Best Affiliate Program

5 Email Templates

5 emails you can customize and send to your affiliates during product launches.

5 Email Templates image

15 Affiliate Program Best Practices

Use these best practices to ensure you earn the most money possibe while taking fantastic care of your affiliates.

15 Affiliate Program Best Practices image

25 Affiliate Promo Tool Ideas

Boost your odds of getting the most affiliate sales with these promo tools that you can give to your affiliates to help them promote your products and services.

25 Affiliate Promo Tool Ideas image

25 Product Promotion Ideas

Growing Your Pinterest Audience

Getting your affiliates to promote your products and services is part of running a profitable affiliate program in your business. These product promotional ideas will activate your affiliates and help them make more sales.

25 Product Promotion Ideas image

Affiliate Commission Email Notice Templates

Use this email template as a guide when creating your affiliate commission emails.

Affiliate Commission Email Notice image

Affiliate Platform Comparison Chart

There are many affiliate management systems available. Some are built into shopping cart programs. Some are standalone systems and some need to be hosted on your site through installation or via WordPress plugin. Here are a few popular options that do not come built into a shopping cart.

Affiliate Platform Comparison Chart image

Affiliate Recruitment Checklist

Building a profitable affiliate program requires that you recruit and potentially train an army of hungry affiliates who will promote your brand and products far and wide. Use this list to help you remember what is essential in recruiting and training.

Affiliate Recruitment Checklist

Affiliate Recruitment Letter & Follow Up Template

Use this template to help you set up your recruitment and follow up emails.

Affiliate Recruitment Letter and Follow Up

Affiliate Welcome Email Template

Use this template to help you set up your welcome email for your new affiliates.

Affiliate Welcome Email Template

Article Template

Use this template to guide you in writing an effective article to give to your affiliates.

Article Template

Product Review Template

There are many styles of product reviews but ultimately, they can be narrowed down to two short briefs and more in-depth reviews. Use this template to help keep you on track when creating a product review.

Product Review Template

Structuring Your Affiliate Center Worksheet

Affiliate centers can be laid out in a variety of ways, but there are some features you will likely want to include to ensure your affiliates have everything they need to promote your products and services.

Structuring Your Affiliate Center Worksheet image

Time & Cost to Create On Your Own:

Affiliate Management Templates

Time to Create

Cost to Create

Insider's Strategy Guide (.docx)

4 Hours


Structuring Your Affiliate Program Worksheet (.docx)

5 hours


5 email Templates (.docx)

4 Hours


15 Affiliate Program Best Practices (.docx)

1 Hours


25 Affiliate Promo Tool Ideas (.docx)

2 Hours


25 Product Promotion Ideas (.docx)

2 Hours


Affiliate Commission Email Notice Template (.docx)

2 Hours


Affiliate Platform Comparison Chart (.docx)

4 Hours


Affiliate Recruitment Checklists (.docx)

3 Hours


Affiliate Welcome Email Template (.docx)

2 Hours


Article/ Product Review Templates (.docx)

4 Hours


Structuring the Best Affiliate Center Worksheet (.docx)

4 Hours




Coming in June: Business Plan Templates