February Strategy Focus:
Activity Book Templates

As usual, we provide you with a variety of templates and worksheets to accelerate your marketing. This month's focus is on creating activity books and more to sell and use with your own family. Here's what's inside your account this month...

Insider's Guide: Activity Book

insiders guide activity book

Playing age-appropriate games keeps children, and you, engaged. They challenge the mind, teach you strategy, problem solving, pattern recognition, collaboration, critical thinking, deductive reasoning, teamwork, and many other skills. Playing games helps build confidence, reduces stress, and can even help boost brain development in kids. Some games boost motor skills and can even lead to getting better grades in school.

Here are the tools and templates included in this month's package:

10 Game Templates

Use these game templates to get you started. Use them individually or combine them to create activity books and more.

10 Game Templates

You can use these templates as much as you need changing them as needed. Games included:

Battleship Template

battleship template

Conect Four Template

connect four template

Crossword Template

crossword template

Cryptograms Template

cryptograms template

Dots and Boxes Template

dots and boxes template

Hangman Template

hangman template

Sudoku Template

sudoku template

Tic-Tac-Toe Template

tic tac toe template

Word Scramble Template

word scramble template

Word Search Template

word search template

80 + Pre-made Games
Use these pre-made games made for the entire family to get your audience thinking about bringing their family together and keep their kids engaged with only a pen and paper. These games will challenge thier mind, teach strategy, collaboration and more.

ready to play games

Included is pre-made games for each activity in different levels easy, intermediate and/or hard so the entire family can play. Games included:

Battleship- 5 Game Boards


Crossword Puzzle- 4 Easy, 4 Intermediate

crossword puzzle

10 Cryptograms

Mazes- 5 Easy, 5 Intermediate, 5 Hard

Soduko- 5 Easy, 5 Intermediate, 5 Hard


11 Word Puzzles

word puzle

Word Scramble- 5 Easy, 5 Intermediate

Word Search- 5 Easy, 5 Intermediate

Time & Cost to Create On Your Own:

Activity Book Templates

Time to Create

Cost to Create

Insider's Strategy Guide (.docx)

4 Hours


10 Game and Activity Templates (.PPT)

6 hours


80+ Pre-Made Games (.PPT)

12 hours




Coming in March: Etsy and Online Shop Templates